Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Meditation Teacher

Beate first came to holistic wellness looking for a gentler way of treating her anxiety. After seeing how yoga, Reiki and meditation treated her symptoms gently and effectively, Beate decided to study energy healing and received her attunements to Traditional Usui Reiki. 
Beate is passionate about helping others navigate their path out of anxiety to find peace and joy.
As a Usui Reiki Master Teacher Beate initiates and mentors other practitioners and Masters. 
Beate is a trained meditation teacher and is currently studying advanced meditation. Beate's intention for her work as a meditation teacher is to make meditation accessible to all.

Spiritual Protection for the Empath
Jun 27, 6:00 PM


In Person or Remote


A Energy healing session is deeply relaxing and feels like a beautiful glowing sensation that surrounds and permeates the body.

Everything is energy. The energy of life experiences can accumulate and linger in our energy bodies. An energy healing session can help to clear these accumulations, balancing the energy body. 

During the session you will rest comfortably on a treatment table, surrounded by soothing music and soft light. You have the option to sit in a chair during the session, if you wish.

 Energy healing involves a light touch, or hands can be held above the body. The healing energy can also be sent across the room remotely, if you prefer not to have close contact with the practitioner. 

Your wish is always honored.